The Met Ball: Fashion’s Wild Side comes out to play

In my mind, this is an even bigger fashion night out than the Oscar’s. Every star and anyone with an eye for fashion makes a bee line for this night, and the following day, us mere mortals give our verdict, so here’s mine..

This year was the most adventurous I’ve seen for a while, some were winners and some were.. off the wall! It does make for interesting viewing though.

Beyoncé was wearing Givenchy, and while I didn’t hate it, I don’t love it either. The back of it revealed a little too much bum for my liking too.


Next up is Jessica Biel. I like her style usually, however, the length of this dress completely ruins it for me. I also don’t like the fringe, way too heavy. I like the colour and style of the dress but not how she’s wearing it.

Jessica Biel and ridey Justin

She is my doppelganger, I love her so, but I don’t think this dress does much for her! Too much material swamps the teeny SJP. Back into a tutu please…

SJP and Valentino

Kate Bosworth is rocking this feathered Prada halterneck. I love her very up to date hair and makeup too. She is one of my favourites of the night.

Kate Bosworth

Carey Mulligan is also wearing Prada, and I think she looks fantastic. Love it all, including the quiff.

Carey Mulligan

Camille Belle sticks to what she does best, in Ralph Lauren. This is old-school glamour, at its best. What a beauty.

Camille Belle

What did you like or loath?

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