Today is now Shoesday.

I have quite the welt on my left heel, thanks to a black snakeskin platform that wasn’t made for walking in. Is it sore? Yes. Were they worth it? Absolutely. That extra few inches instantly transforms an outfit from nice to spectacular, and more importantly, makes you feel like you should be treading a red carpet.


I have yet to find a better feeling than finding and consequently buying, a bloody gorgeous pair of shoes. My heart rates accelerates at the mere thought. I realise that I’m shallow and that there are far more important and substantial thoughts that should make me feel this way, but for now, I am happy with good shoes.

At the moment, the range of heels appears to have stretched ever further, gravity-defying platforms haven’t gone away, thanks to Mr Louboutin, but there is also a trend towards a mid-heel which is in some ways more chic and less TOWIE. While researching for this blog post, I came across some particularly pretty pairs on Net a Porter.. Now which ones of these would you risk the welt for?

Louboutin colour block

Carven.. I love the bow!

Miu Miu Glitter

Midheel from Mulberry

Proenza Schouler


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