Wedding Wednesday: Accessorising the Individual

You’re on a night out with the gals, you happen to bump into another gaggle of ladies in the bathroom, and you realise, you’re almost looking at a reflection. It’s all big hair, scarily big lashes and massive heels. I hate when that happens, and I think the same can be said of weddings, and bridal looks.

Most of the dresses I’ve seen are figure-hugging, or the flipside, hippy ethereal looks, and with good reason. Both of those looks work. However, if you want to look a little different, without completely changing things up, accessories are the way to go.

Love the belt




4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Accessorising the Individual

  1. Loving statement necklaces for brides! Can be so individual.
    My friend had those blue shoes in pink on her wedding day.. they were gorgeous.

      • Yes I am always baffled when girls wear shoes that they wouldn’t let next nor near them as a rule as wedding shoes?? The shoes and accessories are where you can really show your individuality .. personally I see a number of shoe changes in my future wedding ;)

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