Great Gúnas at Glamour Awards

Last night in London saw the parading of fancy frocks and big blowdries as the annual Glamour awards were held. I am pretty sure none of you particularly care about who got an award and who didn’t, and are more concerned about the pressing matters of what the ladies wore! All in all, I liked the style. There was lots of colour and different shapes and looks. Here are a few that particularly caught my eye.

Fearne Cotton looking oh so cute with that dress and the most amazing little bob. Love.

Katherine Jenkins is wearing one of my favourite designers, Mary Katranzou. I fear she may have overdone the tan but the colours of the dress and the turquoise nails make it a winner for me.

Paloma Faith’s beaded twenties number is gorgeous. She may need to tone the gruaig down a bit though..

It’s probably not my number one Kelly Brook look ( I have serious crush on her) but it is lovely and very fresh looking, and I like her hair back.

Can cutaway ever be classy? Maybe not on the streets of Dublin, but Naomi Watts just about gets away with it!


6 thoughts on “Great Gúnas at Glamour Awards

  1. Did you see Dawn Porter? I thought she looked gorgeous in a vintage green number. Fearne is fabulous lately!

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