Famous Friday Five: Best Beachwear

I ordered a lovely little polka dot bikini from Asos, and it arrived yesterday and has made me very happy indeed. Magazines, websites and books will bombard us ladies with how to achieve ‘the best beach body’, ‘the perfect beach body’ blah blah blah. I’m not into that, I think we all have enough going on in our lives without trying to look like Elle Mc Pherson.

I am, however, interested in the latest trend in beachwear, the return of the one piece! I’m not sure if it’s throwback to the 50s but some of these look so cute on.  I still like a bikini but it’s nice to mix it up.  I’ve seen some lovely ones in Topshop and on Asos, go and peek and see what you think.. and stop beating yourself up about the bloody bikini body!

printed all in one

Zimmermann suit


Love the glamour of this one

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