Recent Acquisitions include…

Topshop is a great high street shop, of that there is no question. They’ve nailed every trend going for years.

There are however, many questions when it comes to their price exchange from sterling to euro. A top priced at £30 is likely to come in at around €46 euro, which is quite frankly, taking the piss out of their Irish customers. For that reason, I’ve tried to buy my Topshop bits over the border or across the water.

Rant over. On a recent jaunt to London, here’s what I bought..

This lovely army-style jacket, it’s a great colour and a style I’ve been after for an age. It’s versatile and I think I’ll wear it loads as it is RAINING NON-STOP!

Knitwear is pr0bably the most extensive part of my wardrobe, and this jumper fills the slouchy gap which had appeared. It’s oversized, slouchy and the studs just made it for me. I’ll be wearing this over skinny jeans and some printed trews.

On my return home and my burning desire for printed trousers had not been satisfied, I sauntered on into New Look where I spotted these babies..

I’ve only worn these once, but I liked them. I bought these lovely sandals from Aldo a few weeks back and have worn them with almost everything, they are cute with the trousers.

Attending a conference in town has meant perusing the shops during lunch, this little top from Oasis is the perfect accompaniment to the printed trousers and Aldo wedges. I wear with a sea green statement necklace for a little pep in a neutral palette.

and finally, as I am an absolute fiend for leopardprint, I picked up these sandals, also in Oasis. The blue straps are really striking.

It wasn’t until writing this post that I realise why my piggy bank is sounding particularly vacuous at the moment.. whoops!


One thought on “Recent Acquisitions include…

  1. Lovely purchases, sandals from Aldo look very comfy! I know of a few people who order from topshop online to avail of better exchange rates, would be worth it for more expensive items :-)

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