Bloomsday for all!

James Joyce, known as the Father of Irish literature wrote with Dublin readers in mind, ironically, his work has now been marginalised with academic fascination on its intricate stuctures and meanings not leaving much room for the ‘regular reader’ to take pleasure in it.

Joyce’s Ulysses which is set on one day in Dublin and is as fascinating as literature comes is celebrated tomorrow, June 16th, Bloomsday. There are lots of events going on, readings, walks around the city and even a swim!Have a little look here, (  if you’re interested.


It’s a good chance to get to know a little bit more about the man whose work has been hailed as the best to come out of our fair isle, and it’s an even better chance to make Joyce more accessible to those who aren’t stuffed in their offices discussing a comma in the last paragraph, and its utmost importance.

If the idea of getting stuck into Ulysses makes you quiver, give Dubliners a go. There is nothing more intruiged and engaging than a few pages in Joyce’s Dublin. Hey, if Marilyn Monroe can give it go, so can you!


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