Zara’s Stellar Season

Zara is my favourite shop on the ‘high street’ and I always find something I love in it.

It is amazing for workwear or casual separates and at the moment is filled with beautiful pieces. It does a long leg trouser, good quality materials and the bags are SO nice ( I have yet to buy but am always tempted)

I had to buy a few bits last weekend, so here are some pieces I have purchased lately – for work and play.

This amazing 70’s style blouse which has me dreaming of Jerry Hall or Ali Mc Graw.

This cream blazer is my attempt at boxy Chanel chic- I will wear it with jeans and rolled up trousers

I picked up these loose PJ pants- now I have to decide what top to pair them with!

I would love this bag- grey and gorgeous with the neon stripe!


4 thoughts on “Zara’s Stellar Season

  1. I love Zara unfortunately I don’t fit in a whole lot of if, I did pick up a mint green linen biker jacket last week – it is beautiful

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