Product Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

Oil, hot cloth and double cleansing are where its at these days in the skin care stakes. Gone is the quick wipe of Clearasil on a bit of tissue paper.

I have been swayed by hot cloth cleansers for the past year, with Soap and Glory’s offering being my favourite.

Hot cloth cleansers seem to be gentler on skin than Dermalogica’s gel cleanser which I used for two years.

On a recent trip to superdrug I spied a tube of their own brand cleanser on offer, at 2 for 8 euro. Having had little experience of Superdrug own brand stuff, bar a brief flirtation with their tea tree oil range many moons ago, I wanted to see what it was like.

The tube is 200 ml so significantly larger than most similar hot cloth cleansers I have used. The smell isnt too overpowering, and the creamy texture doesn’t foam on the skin, and hasn’t dried my skin out at all- nor has it clogged my pores- win win!

At this stage I think its going to be a good match for my normal/combination skin. I haven’t tried its power on eye makeup, but it cut through heavy duty slap easily.

The pack includes a good quality muslin cloth, and each tube is around 4.99 or see if they still have the offer going! I think I shall be rooting through the shelves of Superdrug again soon.


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