Irish Fashion Bloggers

My suspicions have been re-confirmed recently. Irish fashion isn’t on the glossy pages of our magazine and newspapers, it’s online. Attending the odd fashion event, my head has been turned on several occasions, checking out an amazing outfit or a really individual look.

I’ve blogged before about the sorry state of Irish celebs, and their fashion choices, I didn’t however, give you a peep at what’s going on in the blogosphere. Here are a few pics of my favourite Irish fashion bloggers, and my favourite looks.

Burn the Blonde ( is first up. Sarah’s got a great eye for a quirky accessory and rocks some beautiful casual separates. Her stlye is probably closest to my own, and she’s a high street gal, so I keep a keen eye on her!

Second in my list is Thunder and Threads ( . Leanne is a fashion and beauty blogger with a heck of a following. Her style is quirky with a nod to the fifties. She’s got the Hollywood glamour thing down, and her individuality makes her one to watch.

Lastly, but not leastly! Anouska’s blog is a real gem ( She’s both a model and blogger and thankfully those two walks of life go hand in hand. Unique accessories is often the focal point of her looks, and she certainly knows how to pick them, and equally pair them.


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