Product Review: Konjac Sponge

I hadn’t heard of these babies until I spotted the lovely blogger Sue ( trialling it, and consequently giving it the thumbs up.

I picked mine up from Mise Beauty, which is based in my hometown of Dundalk, but also have an online store ( As I’m a normal to combination skinned gal, I picked up the sponge with French Green Clay, as recommended by Nicola in Mise Beauty.


The idea behind these is that they’re completely natural, and extremely gentle. They cleanse and exfoliate without causing any damage to your skin. These can be used on their own, without any cleansing product, but I find that if I’m wearing foundation, I use a little cleanser on the damp sponge.

The result is cleansed, fresh feeling skin, without any undue dragging on the skin. They cost about €8 and are said to last about 3 months. So far, my skin is thanking me for it.

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