Regrets, I’ve had a few…

Following the gospel according to Oprah, I’m all about the positivity. I recommend products only if I think that they’re good enough to spend the sheckles on. I have bought products in the past that have neither lived up to their hype or done what they’ve said they’ll do.

Perhaps the following products just weren’t for me, beauty is as subjective as anything comes!

Laura Mercier Primer:

I paid an eye-watering €45 for this in BTs. I had heard so much about it, and thought it was going to be answer to my flawed foundation, but it wasn’t to be. It didn’t make me break out or make my skin peel off or anything, it just did nothing.

Chanel Nail Polish

A few years back, when black polish made a huge comeback, Chanel’s little black bottle was where it was at. I succumbed and paid about €20 for the luxury. I wore it loads and the packaging helped ease the pain a bit, but the quality of the polish wasn’t up to scratch. It went on ok, but chipped almost immediately.

Bobbi Brown Palettes

I used to be a divil for these. I bought the Raspberry palette about 4 years ago. This one was €55, and included 4 matte shadows, a perfectly pink blusher and some lip colours. I loved the blush but the rest were a bit ‘meh’. I gave Miss Bobbi another go last Christmas when I bought a sparkly quad. It looked stunning in the pan but on application, I found the colours were very sheer, didn’t pack much of a punch and the glitter went everywhere.

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

I mistook this imposter for the original high impact mascara in the dark green tube, and boy was I sorry. This one made my lashes stick together, didn’t particularly curl them and was almost impossible to remove. Hated it.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

I could probably add a few more Dermalogica products to this list, I am, on the whole underwhelmed by them. I adore their Precleanse and Daily Microfoliant but found this cleanser very drying and too harsh for my skin. I used the Overnight Clearing gel too and wasn’t impressed either. Some people swear by their whole range, but they weren’t for me.


3 thoughts on “Regrets, I’ve had a few…

  1. the laura mercier primer is completely over-rated in my opinion!And overpriced aswell. I regret shelling out for a smashboxphoto finish primer and for a mac studio fix foundation which oxidised to an alarming orange shade, went on horribly and was never used! I think nars the multiple in orgasm was also not for me, it doesnt work well on me and is too sparkly..ahh expensive mistakes!

  2. Lovely! Dermalogical is really expensive in Singapore but I agree they have some great products! And I have been wanting to try Laura Mercier’s primer for a long time! Will get 1 soon!

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