What I’ve learned about beauty

Constantly flicking through magazines, reading blogs and watching videos has left me overloaded with information on what you should and definitely shouldn’t do when it comes to cosmetics. To be honest, I think these ‘rules’ aren’t of much use, as we all want different things from our make-up.

However, using trial and error, here are some things that I’ve learned along the way:

Light Up, Light Up

When you’re applying your make-up, try do to so as close to natural light as possible (i.e at the window). If it’s dark, go for the brightest light you have. It makes it much harder to make mistakes like not blending your foundation in properly etc.

Do your homework

There are thousands of independent beauty blogs out there to help you research a product before you spend your well earned pennies on them. I trust these blogs much more than I trust magazines’ sponsored beauty awards (Instyle, I’m talking about you!)

Be true to you

One of the nicer things about getting older is that you begin to get to know yourself a little better. You can see what suits you and what doesn’t, be true to what you like. If you don’t like red lips then don’t wear them, the same is to be said of fashion.

Find your basic HGs, then have fun!

HG is beauty speak for ‘holy grail’ products. I think once you’ve found the perfect skincare, foundation and mascara, you can then go wild with the rest. More than anything else, painting your face is fun! I love bronze shadows with black liner, slut pink lips and highlighted cheeks.

Go Low

Now, more than ever before pharmacy brands are coming up trumps with their colletions. Chanel and Mac come up with an idea and these products then get copied by the likes of Rimmel, Bourjois and Essence. Have a look at the gorgeous lipsticks, nailpolishes and eyeshadows for an makeup bag update that won’t cost you more than a night out!

Lay off the tan

A real culprit in the beauty world is fake tan. Unless you’re really good at applying this, and it doesn’t make you smell like biscuits, I’d stay away from it. Instead try something that’ll give you the illusion of perfect skin like Mac Face and Body or Sally Hansen Airbrush legs.



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