Wishlist number 4,657

It’s a small disadvantage of writing a style blog that I then need to keep up with current trends and therefore spend my money on clothes I don’t need (and all of my imaginary money too). My lust list at the moment goes a little like this..

A pair of skinny cargo pants, similar to J Brand’s Houlihans (minus the massive price tag please..)

These lovely boots from Topshop..

The perfect white blouse

Some gorgeous boyfriend jeans…

And it doesn’t stop there, oh no, I have a sublist (I know there’s something wrong with me!) for beauty related things..

Some, if not all of the Real Techniques brushes:

Chanel Bronzer that everyone raves about…

And one or two of these Chanel eyeshadows…

Fun nails like this!


5 thoughts on “Wishlist number 4,657

  1. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect white blouse but have yet to find it. I have visions of myself floating along the beach in my perfect white blouse….sigh.
    Also, Chanel eyeshadow…get involved!!

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