Wedding Wednesday: What to wear

Another little post about outfits I’ve seen that would look beautiful at a wedding. I’m still loving brights for weddings, they look incredible in pictures and show a little personality so put down that black dress and pick up one of these…

Wear this with a neckpiece and some point toe heels for maximum loveliness. It’s a great shape for a pear shaped gal. Asos (around €158)

A strapless number certainly isn’t for everyone but I just love this shade of red. (Asos €55.30)

As long as tribal is in, I’ll be a happy gal. Check this stunner out from Warehouse, the embellishment is to die for. (€117)

This lovely is from Coast, is a really lovely shape and the colour is an easy way to wear bright. p.s I don’t like those accessories! (€325)


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