What I wear (sorry to disappoint!)

Given the nature of fashion blogging, I end up showing you lovely people what I’d love to wear, rather than what I actually wear. This little post (and redesign of the blog) is here to burst the bubble. I pay rent, pay for a car and other such serious matters and therefore do not have the budget (or the places to wear!) many of the items I show.

However, one doesn’t have to be rich to be stylish, and as a fashion follower, I find it hard to stay out of the shops! My job doesn’t require me to dress too formally so my wardrobe tends to be, skinny jeans, a knit (summer or winter, I’m always cold!) or a nice blouse and a pair of boots. Sadly, my carvela tan studded ankle boots have had their day, so I’m in the market for a replacement.

If I’m not in jeans, I’ll be in a dress and tights, usually. Something floral, or something with a bit of lace. I like the juxtaposition of a tea dress and boots so I’ll go with that. Oh and stripes! I lurve stripes.

At night, I like to glam it up a bit. Both sartorially and in the make-up department. I bought a pair of leather look leggings in Topshop last year on a whim, and I’ve worn them so much, with blouses, tees and heels, mostly. I’ve a weakness for a good handbag and a pair of heels too.

Here are a few pics of my going out outfits, I shall endeavor to take more day to day ones in the future! (and some of my uber stylish friends too :))


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