The Lipstick Diaries: Rouge D’Armani, I love you!

Red lipstick, it is never going to go away, ya know. Dark, bright, blue toned, matte, shiny.. it’s a jungle out there! I’ve dabbled in Mac’s Russian Red, a cheapy Natural Collection one and a Revlon almost coral one. None of which have excited me the way this Armani one has.

Here’s a sneaky look at the latest love of my life.. Rouge D’Armani in 400

It’s a really gorgeous screen siren red, and makes no apologies for it. It’s matte, but somehow manages not be drying. Once I put it on, it makes me feel glamorous, and this is the key for me. If a lipstick makes me feel something, it’s a winner.

I probably don’t have to tell you how fabulous the packaging is, when you pay over €20 for a lipstick, the packaging has got to be good. This one ‘clicks’ when you close it, and the emblem is embossed into the lipstick and on the lovely packaging.. swoon.

here I am wearing it with barely there foundation (MAC face and body) and mascara.

and here’s a more glamorous way to wear it, with lightly contoured eyes with neutrals and a flicky brown line.


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