The Shopping Ban: Week 2

My name is Siún, and I’m a shopaholic. Actually, this blog is probably and subconsciously, a way to hide my obsessional tendencies. Reading magazines about the forthcoming trends makes my heart beat a little faster, browsing beauty blogs brings a smile to my face and going shopping puts a skip in my step. If that’s not the symptoms of a classic addict, I don’t know what is.

Therefore, the very thoughts of a shopping ban make me sweat. I’m going cold turkey, not even a lipbalm or stunning clutch shall sway me. No sirree.. I am using this time to re-evaluate my current wardrobe, become a little bit more creative with what I have (it’s not sparse..). This is to include my cosmetics wardrobe too, I figure it’ll make me start using things that have been gathering dust.

Look how happy shopping makes me!!

So far, so good. My Mam bought me a little dress from Penneys at the weekend (I made her, because of the shopping ban!!). I’ll keep you lovelies posted on how I’m getting on, for now, I’m still suffering withdrawal symptoms of the worst kind.

wish me luck!


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