To The Dark Side of The Moon

Hello lovely readers, you’ll have to excuse my absence yesterday. I was coming to terms with a major shock. I am now a bobbed brunette.

I went from shoulder length blonde to an asymetric chocolate blonde with bit of blonder through the under section. It wasn’t something I had planned and therefore the shock took a little time to come to terms with. Though I do like it, and am adjusting to the change, I’m definitely not feeling like myself.. yet.

While I’m getting used to it, I’ve been having fun with make-up, dark hair means I can wear a smokier look around my eyes, as the contrast between the blonde and the darkness around the eyes could sometimes look off.

I got it cut and coloured in Zeba on South William Street in Dublin and was really impressed with not only the skills but the advice and bravery of both my colourist Laura, and my stylist, Fergus.

As the shopping ban is still in full swing, I’ve not bought any new clothes to suit my new hair but sure a wardrobe overhaul is called for soon?!

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