Product Review: OPI Nail Envy

Given that nail-art in all of its various guises is absolutely huge at the moment, being a nail biter had become a seriously big issue in my blogging life.. ah no really, I was fed up of it. The problem was, every time I’d stop, my nails would just peel or split and I was no better off.

I have tried many nail strengtheners and other such products in an attempt to break the vicious circle but hadn’t gotten anywhere until the nail queen herself Sue ( got me onto this stuff.

Nails before:

Nails after:

While it isn’t cheap, I bought mine for about €18 on, it really works. I put two layers on my bare nail, then my nail polish and then another layer on top of that. Every day, you’re supposed to add another layer and then start again after a few days. When I write it down, it seems like a lot of work but I’m a demon for changing my nail polish almost daily so it doesn’t bother me.

The difference in my nails is remarkable. Only one has broken in about 4 weeks, they’re the strongest they’ve ever felt and haven’t peeled at all. Success! I am so delighted with them. I’ll be onto the nail art soon, thanks to Sue!


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