The Shopping Ban: Week 3 and half..and some temptations

I’ve been talking, blogging and tweeting about the shopping ban for 3 and half weeks now. Though this mightn’t seem like a long time to some, it sure is for me. I’ve done by best to stay away from the shops, I had to visit Zara during the week for a birthday present for a friend and if I could have worn those blinkers horses wear I would, just to steer myself away from all the new season stuff.

Given that the shopping ban was pretty tough, going on a detox was perhaps not the kindest mood to myself. However, those 10 days combined with the almost month long shopping ban have provided me with ample time to think about what my wardrobe really needs, instead of succumbing to every whim and trend.

I am planning on continuing the ban for at least another two weeks, which will bring me right to the beginning of October. I really do have enough clothes to wear until then, but the longing for wardrobe additions doesn’t fade fast.

Here are a few little bits from Asos that have caught my eye.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to buy any peplum, as the streets and shops are saturated with them. That was until I saw this.. It’s peplum, but not in the in your face way, it’s got a contrasting peter pan collar and the print is cute without being too cutesy. I am obsessed.

Heart Print Peplum €59 from Asos

Given that I’ve not bought anything in the last while, I’ve been admiring this season’s trends from afar. This jacquard t-shirt dress is a little different than anything I own, but I think I’d get good wear out of it. For winter days, with black tights and ankle boots and for night with strappy heels and some chunky jewels.

Jacquard T-shirt dress, €54 from Asos

I spotted this bag over on‘s blog and it was love at first sight. I’ve such a weakness for a nice handbag, and this is just me. It’s brown, across the body, and it’s got a rabbit on it for heaven’s sakes!

Rabbit bag €28


2 thoughts on “The Shopping Ban: Week 3 and half..and some temptations

  1. Aaah the rabbit handbag is on my wishlist too isn’t it adorbs?? Rabbits are really big here for accessories and home decor .. I’m not sure why but they cuuute!

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