Not all trends are good ones…

In case you haven’t heard, the 90s are back. Brown lipstick, grungey hair and… dresses over skirts. I spotted it a few months back and tried to erase it from my memory, but alas, in the celebrity obsessed culture we live in, as soon as Emma Watson donned this outfit, it hit the headlines.

I love the little dress, I love the pointy courts, I’d probably love the trousers too, but just not all together. It’s a no from me. Sorry, Ems.


Another trend that I just cannot get my heart into is the vintage levi shorts. These have been around for so long that they’re now at saturation point on the Dublin streets. However, these high-waisted denim don’t flatter those with roundy bums. I’ve seen about 3 or 4 ladies absolutely rocking these, everyone else… not so much.


And onto my last, but definitely my biggest pet hate. Leggings. I like them, but I certainly don’t like them without something covering your bum. Under a long slouchy knit, or a shorts dress, fine. Anything else, is just awful. No matter how good your bum is, please cover it.

Back to what I love from now on, but I just had to get those ones off my chest :D


6 thoughts on “Not all trends are good ones…

  1. I like short denim shorts, but only if they’re far smarter cut than the cut-up shorts that seem to be popular at the moment. As for the leggings, I don’t know how their friends haven’t told them that their underwear is showing.

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