Wedding Wednesday: Mother of the Bride/ Groom, Part Deux.

There’s a lot involved with the picking of the right outfit, I’ve realised! Despite looking hard, it’s been difficult to come up with suitable colours (i.e not all black) and good shapes. However, here are a few more tips, and a few great pieces.

Classic cuts

You can’t go too far wrong if you stick to well cut, tailored clothes. They’ll accentuate your best features and skim over the parts you’re not too keen on. Remember, you’ll be looking at these pictures for a long time, classic style never goes out of fashion.

Both of these dresses are from Monsoon, it’s a great store for variety of shapes and colours.

Hats off

I love hats, but not everyone does. If you want one, try on as many as you can, until you find the shape that suits you. A good tip is to remember that the hat should finish off your outfit, not totally take over. This one’s from Coast, and I love its femininity.

Matchy Matchy is a no go.

Try not to fall into the matching trap. A dress, jacket, shoes, bag and hat is not good. It’s predictable, dull and not very nice, in my opinion. Instead of that, try a contrasting colour for accessories, a more up to date of dressing. If you’re not sure about that, pick the colour that is least featured in the outfit and accessorise in that shade. Accessories is where you can let lose a little, an beautiful, unusual bag can be a real feature. I adore the 3D look of this one from Accessorize.

I do hope that this post (and the first!) may help someone, somewhere x

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