Wedding Wednesday: Mother of the Bride/Groom

In the short lifespan of this little blog, I’ve managed to cover quite a bit of wedding paraphernalia, one aspect I’ve avoided is the territory of the Mother of the Bride or Groom.

I’ve skipped over it for several reasons, I don’t want to insult anyone’s choices, I realise that fashion is entirely subjective, and I’m aware that I’m not of the most suitable age group either.

Having said all of that, I do think I can give some easy to use hints on how to look your best without all of the fuss. I’m going to this over two weeks, as there’s a lot to cover!

Be prepared!

First off, think about what you would like, and also, what suits you. I think going into a boutique without any ideas is dangerous territory, it leaves you open to being blindsided by the assistants. Bringing a family member or a friend is also important, they’ll give you an objective opinion, on whatever you try on.

Stick to what you know.

By this, I mean if you don’t like print, don’t be pushed into wearing it because it’s ‘in this season’. The same goes for length, cut and colour, if you know you don’t like something or it doesn’t suit you, be confident in knowing yourself.

Shop around, an obvious but important one. Many of the boutiques around the country are very expensive and your whole outfit need not be. You can always buy the main component of the outfit in one place and pick up the rest elsewhere.

Accentuate your best.

If you’ve got a small waist, make sure to nip it in. If you’re blessed with good legs, make them your feature. If you’re tall, you can wear a variety of lengths.





Trick the eye.

If you’re concerned about one area, you can disguise it. If it’s your legs or ankles, pick shoes that are light coloured, avoid an ankle strap, and have a medium heel. If you’re tummy conscious, try something with a pattern, it can disguise a lot.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Mother of the Bride/Groom

  1. I think you should have gone with your initial feelings and avoided this subject. Those clothes would be more suitable for a funeral and for someone more the models age!

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