The Brush Wardrobe: Eyes

I’ve already shown you what I’m using on my face most days, of course, no brush wardrobe would be complete without some lovely shadow brushes.

Most of these I’ve collected over the years through reading blogs, and trialling whatever I can get my hands on. Here’s what I’ve found best for blending, buffing and lining.

Left to right: Ruby and Millie shadow brush, Sephora Pro blending brush, Mac 219, The Body Shop shadow brush, Clinique brush, Bobbi Brown fine liner brush.

Ruby and Millie brush is one I picked up with a Boots voucher but have found it great for packing on colour.

This Sephora blending brush might just be my favourite. Brilliant for applying a soft wash of colour, or softening the edges of a more high impact look.

Mac’s 219 is a versatile little number, effective for applying shadow under the eye, also for contouring the lid and adding a little highlighter in the tearduct.

I use this brush from the Body Shop for applying a wash of a nude shadow extra quickly, or highlighting my brow bone.

This Clinique one was part of a set I got years ago but the quality is excellent.

And finally, this liner brush, something I couldn’t be without. Gel liner glides on with this without too much hassle.


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