Christmas Gift Ideas from Earrings

I’ve begun my Christmas shopping early, not because I felt obliged, but because I couldn’t resist some of the beautiful items I saw on you’ve not heard about Etsy, it’s a website where vintage and homemade crafts are sold by independent sellers. From art prints to hand warmers, everything they do is cute!

Once I started perusing the jewellery I felt the need to share some of the lovelies I came across. I’ll start with earrings, if I decided to cover all jewellery, you’d never see the end of this post!

Love at First Blush (about €28)

Shabby Chic Vintage Style about €58

Delezhen Freshwater Keshi Pearl about €38

brideblu about €7

OctaviaBloom about €56


One thought on “Christmas Gift Ideas from Earrings

  1. I think the reason why I consciously refuse to go anywhere near Etsy is that I know I don’t have any self control, and will end up ruining myself on a lot of little cute things ;)

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