Treatment Review: 2 Week Manicure at Carter Beauty

I’ve told you about how crap my nails are, haven’t I? They peel, bend and then break at every opportunity. I bought OPI’s cult product, Nail Envy in the hope of bringing them on a bit, and it did. That is, until I forgot to keep using it, and was back to square one.

During the summer, I had a 2 week manicure from Carter Beauty in a brilliantly bright turquoise and it strengthened my nails and gave them time to grow. I decided to go back and have the same done when my nails were in bad shape again, and once again, I’m really happy with the results.

Is it sad that I love how my nails match my favourite mag?!

I had a lovely dark purpley berry colour done, and once that had grown out, went for this most fabulous taupey bronze with a gold glitter accent nail on both my thumb and ring fingers.

The manicure lasts me over two weeks, and I get it removed in the salon, to avoid any damage. I’m already planning a festive manicure!
The treatment costs €30 and takes about half an hour to have applied.

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