Latest Loves: Liz Earle’s Make-up Collection

It’s funny how certain brands are synonymous with certain products, think Mac, bright coloured shadows and lipsticks, Bobbi Brown and you think classic grown-up cosmetics, and Liz Earle, you instantly think of cleansing.

I’ve used Liz’s cult classic Cleanse and Polish cleanser for a long time, and still love it. When I heard that the same brand was releasing a make-up range, my interest was piqued. When I saw the YouTube gurus Sam and Nic from Pixi-Woo and Lisa Eldridge recommending them, I knew they had to be mine.

I got sent the bronzer (€22), a powder blusher (€18.50) and the concealer/highlighter(€17.50). A testament to how much I love them is that they have become staples in my daywear bag. I use them everyday, this is big for someone who has many many options!

Though I thought I had given up bronzer for the winter, this bronzer is so beautiful I just have to use it. It’s sheer, soft and not orangey or muddy. I’m using it with a big fluffy brush.

It’s like the girls in Liz Earle can read my mind, I was only on the look out for a very neutral blusher, and Nude has ticked every box. It’s subtle, matte and wears really well. I haven’t reached for another blush in weeks.

Lastly, the light reflecting concealer does what Touche Éclat claims to do for me, it’s brightens any area in the most natural matte way.

Can you tell how much I’m loving this range? Not the cheapest but certainly worth the money. You can buy Liz Earle’s range on

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