To crop or not?

I never thought I’d be ever thought I’d be channelling Rihanna’s style, but there you go, I like some of her clothes. Not the sports gear, baseball hats and thigh high boots but the more feminine stuff.

I found myself in River Island last week perusing their selection of long jersey skirts and.. crop tops, yep, crop tops. Generally, I like mixing shapes, and this style is no different. A figure fitting long skirt, and a boxy cropped tee is what I’m after.

However, the desire for this outfit has left with such big questions such as, am I too old, at 26 for a peek of midriff? I’m not talking full-on belly-baring, but there’ll definitely be a fear of flesh. Am I too fat?! How thin, or toned do you have to be for such an outfit? Will I just look like an eejit? Big questions, I know.

Anyway, I’ve not bought the outfit yet, but here’s an example of what I’m after! What say ye?!

pic via


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