Mixing it Up.

As a beauty lover, hoarder and blogger, I have now amassed quite the collection. The problem is, it I tend to use the same products day in day out, because I know they work, and I keep in my daywear bag. In turn, lots of stuff gets forgotten about, but NO MORE!

I’ve pulled out a few bits that have been lingering around and I’ve replaced my old reliables with them. Here’s what we’ve got:

First up, skincare. Sadly, my skin didn’t love all of the hot ports, pints of Guinness and late nights that I did. It has told me so by breaking out rather dramatically!

I’ll be using Vichy’s Normaderm, which targets these breakouts and this gorgeous Irish brand Ogra’s moisturiser to help soothe the skin.


As for my make-up bag, gone are the usual taupes, nudes and neutrals. Seeing as blue is one of fashion’s big stories this year, I thought I’d introduce it to my make-up bag. The Stila smudge pot will be used as a liner, the Rimmel nude liner in the waterline to brighten up.

My latest, very bold purchase is that Clarins beauty, up top. It’s a cross between a bronzer, blusher and a finishing powder. It’s perfect for fair skin and I love it!


And lastly, the nail polish that speaks for itself! A Christmas present that hasn’t been off my nails since I got it.

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