Product Review: Cocoa Brown Tan

When it comes to fake tan in Ireland, there seems to be two camps, those who don’t ever, and those who do, always.

I am inhabitant of the first camp, pale and quite happy with it. I’m not that beautiful porcelain colour that some of my other friends are, but I’m certainly not sallow, either. I don’t hate the look of tan on me, it can look really good, I’m just not into the regime and the upkeep.


Marissa Carter, owner of Carter Beauty in Blackrock is the creator of this new, and innovative tan. The basic idea behind this no-holes barred cerise pink can is that it develops in an hour. One hour gives a light tan, 2 hours for medium and max of 3 for a dark, deep tan.

This means, you don’t need to sleeping in the tan and stinking of the stuff. That yucky feeling is probably the biggest reason I don’t wear tan. The horrible smell and the overnight part.

Seeing as Marissa is the Queen of tanning in Blackrock, she knows what she’s about when it comes to bronzing the bod. Her creation doesn’t smell like any other tan I’ve used, she tells me it’s ‘Tahitian Gardenia’ but all I know is, it smells nice, with no burnt biscuits stench.


As it’s in mousse form, it spreads well, meaning you’re not going to use the whole bottle quickly. I gave this a go, wore for an hour and a half (forgot I had it on, hence the extra half hour!), and washed off. After my shower, I had a good look at myself in the nip (those photos are for a different website).

My biggest fears were of streaks, and an unnatural orangey colour, I had neither. I’m really happy with how it turned out and might, just might, become a regular tanner!

Cocoa Brown costs €7.99 in pharmacies nationwide.


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