Let’s talk about buí, baby!

It’s just like mushrooms or blue cheese isn’t it? It’s a love or hate colour for so many. I am a bit particular about what shades of yellow I like. These two, worn by Marion Cotillard(in Dior) and Laura Whitmore (wearing Fyodor Golan) this week, are my cup of tea as Cheryl Cole once said..


On the high street, there’s plenty to choose from. This, from Topshop is cute and veryversatile. £38 online.

If you’re not on for bringing in yellow in a big way, go a bit more softly softly in this Mango knit. On sale on Asos €33

I LOVE this skirt from Asos. I’m just not sure if I’m too vertically challenged to wear it. It’s €47


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about buí, baby!

  1. I love yellow, mushrooms and blue cheese!
    Wasn’t sure about the see through panel in Marion’s dress though – did you like that?
    Laura Whitmore is fabulous and from Wicklow. Say no more!
    Living that asos skirt! I’m def too short and too curvy for it but its gorgeous.

    • I was quite confused about that panel too! You couldn’t see it in all of the shots. Weird! Would’ve preferred it without. Miss Whitmore is totally getting in right these days, though I fear she is getting very thin :-(

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