How to wear: leather shorts

When a request came from the other side of the world for ideas on how to wear leather shorts came my way, I couldn’t resist. Especially because it came from someone who I’m still slightly afraid of (I jest, kinda!). This one is for you, Fiona. Miss you x

Keeping it classy with leather shorts is the challenge. How to wear them without channeling your inner tart, I like to call it.

This is one, I can definitely imagine Fiona rocking. She loves an old nude, she does. Like the boyfriend shape of the blazer here.

second up, is an idol of Fiona’s, Miss Bilson wearing a gorgeous feminine blouse with leather shorts. I think the long sleeves and covered up look is key here.

Lastly, a tribal scarf over a loose knit. Perfect.

I think a Breton stripe would also be lovely, I’m obsessed with them!


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