Salon Review: Tropical Popical

Tropical Popical is the opposite of every other nail bar I’ve ever been to. I love that. It’s bright, garish, loud and most importantly, really fun. The staff are dressed in uniforms of leopard print or watercolour print shirts and dresses. The seating area features a giant stiletto zebra-print shoe as a seat. I wasn’t offered a coffee or tea, it was Lilt in a coconut with umbrellas.

I went, with a cousin, for Gelish nails. This is a three week manicure that is cured onto the nails. I had no idea what I wanted, and very open to ideas. The girl doing my nails showed me what was popular and new. I still wasn’t sure until she asked me would I like some leopardprint.. decision made. I went for a pale nude, with leopardprint on both ring fingers.

My nails were shaped well, the paint job flawless, and the hand-done leopard print is only bleedin’ massive! Their approach to beauty is refreshing; such a place is welcome in the jungle of cream carpets and panpipes that is Irish nail salons.

The treatment came to €31. I’ll be back Tropical Popical.

Tropical Popical is on South William St, with another branch opening soon!


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