Falling in love with Dublin, again.

I’ve lived in Dublin for 10 years. That seems like a long time, but the first four or five years were when I was in college and I feel like I didn’t get to know anything about ‘the real Dublin’. My working years have been much more fruitful, both personally and gastronomically!

Here’s where I’ve been and really liked, of late.

Brother Hubbard (Capel St)

If you haven’t heard of this little gem you need to sort your life out. The place has a fresh feel to it, the food manages to be both adventurous and homely, and the coffee is out of this world. Seriously though, they put whiskey in the porridge, what’s not to love?!

pic from patrick_o_d’s instagram

The Paris Bakery (Moore St)

Hidden behind bunches of bananas and grapes for a euro, is this bustling café. It attempts to take a little bit of Paris, and dump it in the middle of Moore St, and I think it succeeds! The French onion soup is rich but not heavy, and the shiny desserts are nearly too pretty to eat, nearly.

A perfect tart at the Paris Bakery

Musashi (Capel St)

After reading a few great reviews of this recently opened Sushi restaurant, I finally made the time to visit. It was lunchtime, so I had the special Bento Box and a side of edamame beans (very Victoria Beckham, I know). The bento box would’ve been sufficient. €8 for two pieces of sushi, a sweetish chicken dish, some tofu on salad and steamed rice was great value.

Musashi’s bento box

Clement and Pekoe (South William St)

Residing on South William St, which has become Dublin’s food quarter it seems, Clement and Pekoe pride themselves on top quality tea and coffee. I can vouch for probably the best flat white I’ve had. I may have indulged in a slice of carrot cake too which was light and moist.

Flatwhite @Clement and Pekoe

The Damson Diner (South William St)

My lovely boyfriend gave me free reign in picking a place for my birthday dinner. The new and much-talked about Damson Diner caught my eye. I had a scrumptious grapefruit cocktail and then we shared some ‘bites’. Crabclaws, ribs, spiced rice, and prawns were all good. The ribs were particularly tender and tasty. The buzz is cool and fun, that’s what I liked most.

Pink grapefruit cocktail at the Damson Diner

Taste Food Co. (South Willam St)

Another relaxed venue, with a varied menu. Myself and my friend Houlihan love this place! I really like the lamb brochette with comes with roast veg, couscous and a gorgeous mint yoghurt dressing. Also, the curries are served with half chips half rice, you don’t even need to ask! It’s very good value too.

Pic via yelp.ie

Next on my hitlist are Fumbally Café, the Greenhouse and Foodgame. Any others I should trial?


22 thoughts on “Falling in love with Dublin, again.

  1. The Paris Bakery is my absolute favourite place for lunch in Dublin. The Demi Baguette sandwiches are amazing as is the soup and Paté (which is served with brioche bread…YUM!) :) I really do not stop talking about it.

  2. Another definite to put on the list is Juniors, a 2 min walk from Foodgame in Ringsend. The best sandwiches in Dublin & amazing soups & salads too.

  3. I spent 3 months in Dublin about 9 years ago… I know it’s been crazy long since but there was this one place I fell in love with. Not sure if it’s still there but I would assume so cause it was old. A bar. Can’t really remember the name but think it was ‘Charlie P’s’. Have you heard of it? There was a naked tree inside the bar and old gravestones( I think..?) in the floor. Would be cool to find someone else who knows it so that it doesn’t just seem like a dream of mine haha.

    – Sofie

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