Healthy Habits: Breakfast

Like your favourite biscuits, blogs can become stale. To keep things fresh around here I thought I’d delve into the myriad of healthy living. Food is one of my great passions, along with a good dose leopardprint of course!

I’ve absolutely no qualifications in the area but my interest in food and health has been enriched by partaking in the amazing Jett’s detox (which I’ll blog about) and some reading. I’ve been trying to go sugar-free and wheat free since discovering its benefits, and I’ve never been much of a meat-eater either. I’m certainly not into the holier than thou approach but rather hoping my ideas will might make lunch or dinner a little easier!

First up is breakfast, my very favourite meal. I tend to stick to porridge and mix up what I add to it. It fills me up, and it’s easy to make too. Despite trying to move away from dairy, porridge on low-fat milk is unbeatable.

Raspberries, blueberries and honey.

Chopped apple, sultanas and cinnamon

Strawberry and dessicated coconut

If I fancy a break from the norm, I make my own granola, it’s based on a cooking queen’s recipe which I then edit considering what ever is in my press.

A pot of yumminess!

It’s definitely not as healthy as stirabout but it’s a lovely change. I usually serve like this…

Homemade granola, blueberry compote and Glenisk natural yoghurt

Or Cathal goes a little crazy and my breakfast looks more like a cocktail, which is always welcome!

So, there you have it! My usual breakfast feasts. Hope you liked, if not, I’ll go back to nailpolish and handbags…


12 thoughts on “Healthy Habits: Breakfast

  1. Never thought I’d be drooling at the idea of porridge…..but all those porridge suggestions look just gorgeous!! Will defo be trying some! Really enjoyed this post & look forward to more!x

  2. Its nearly porridge time for me again, yay! During the hot months I got to love bircher museli or overnight oats (depending on what recipe!) you might like them too for a change. x

  3. That’s how I have my porridge! YAY! I go so downhill from breakfast though – looking forward to the lunch and dinner ideas x

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