Rimmel Revelations

Forgive me Father, it’s been AGES since I blogged. I think I caught a bad dose of beauty blogger fatigue (not fatal, as far as I know).

However, I’ve been using a few products over the last few months that I can’t not blog about, such is their fabulosity*.

First up, lets talk bases. You can have as many sparkly shadows as you like, but unless your skin is happy, you’re at nothing! I think I had become slightly brainwashed into thinking that you had to spend upwards of €20 to get a decent foundation to suit your needs. Rimmel showed me the error of my ways..

Rimmel, a brand not synonymous (for me, anyway) with beautiful bases released this ‘Wake me Up’ foundation a few months back. I bought the lightest shade ‘Ivory’ for winter as my usual base, Mac’s Face and Body was a touch too dark for my pallor.


Since I’ve bought it, I’ve used it almost everyday. Now that, in itself is the review. It’s a great shade for me, doesn’t block pores and is glowy without looking sweaty. I’ve worn it mostly during the day, but also tried it at night by building up the coverage in the places I need it, and was very happy with the result. Priced at under €12, this is worth a gamble, if you think it might suit you.

While I was at the Rimmel stand, I also picked up a pressed powder. I lightly dust a small amount over my T-zone over the Rimmel foundation, so as not to distract from the lovely finish of the foundation. I’ve tried some very high-end powders and this is as good as them, as I only use it very sparingly, I don’t end up with that chalky look. It cost around €5 and I’ve barely dented it after months of use.


Well done, Rimmel, you’re not just for nail polishes, it seems!

*(blogger’s licence to make up words..)


5 thoughts on “Rimmel Revelations

  1. I use the powder during the day too. Save the fancy stuff for the evening or daytime drinking ;) I meant to try the foundation when it came out but at the time it was sold out of boots in the Maaaarshes.

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