Leopard loafers and much more…

You see the thing is, I don’t need any more shoes. I did, however, need a pair of flat everyday shoes to wear with jeans etc.  For this purpose, I bought these lovely leopard loafers from Dune. I’ve worn them lots so I’m not regretting that purchase at all.

But then I went and bought two more pairs of heels. Now these, if I’m being honest were surplus to requirements. That said, look how gorgeous they are.. Some please help me rationalize them, please!!

These babies are from River Island. I saw Mags from Emerald Eyeliner blog wearing them and I wanted them immediately, if not sooner.

And these last ones are from Topshop via Ebay. Fuschia pink/purple velvet sky-high ankle-breaking platforms and ribbon ties. Have you ever seen anything more ridiculously over-the-top?!


7 thoughts on “Leopard loafers and much more…

  1. Siún, is breáááá liom na River Island babies. Beidh orm péire a cheannach… an raibh siad daor? Chonac tú á gcaitheamh ar Instagram.. bhíos fiosrach ón bpointe sin ar aghaidh

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