On YSL Rouge Volupte Shine… and why you need at least one!

Lipstick, a product I love and loathe equally. I adore a good bright opaque look, but I generally hate the feeling. My lips flake, peel and generally kick up stink. I wear them nonetheless, far be it from me to start a lipstick revolution.

Then comes YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine collection, and I am utterly changed. I could wear this lipstick for the rest of my life. It’s sheeny, perfectly pigmented and my lips love its moisturising elements. I could write a whole other blogpost on the packaging, but I’ll leave it at wonderfully over the top.

I was sent number 11, a beigey shade I wouldn’t have chosen but which has become a staple in my bag for casual chic. Of course, once I had trialled this lipstick utopia, I needed more (such is the human condition, eh?!). After seeing Lisa Eldridge use Fuchsia in Rage (number 19) in a tutorial, it whizzed up my wishlist. Whilst in Rome, my ever generous friend bought it for me. She is my kindred spirit when it comes to makeup (and most things!).

Behold such beauty…



and on the lips…





5 thoughts on “On YSL Rouge Volupte Shine… and why you need at least one!

  1. I need this in my life, everytime i walk by them in debenhams i swoon over them!! Defo gonna grab on before summer is out! Love both shades, and your friend is a keeper :)

  2. I’d usually go crazy for these, and they look gorgeous on you, but I’m loving matte lippy at the minute. No idea why because my lips are prone to dryness. I’ll bookmark these for when I ride out this phase.

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