Own the Night

Hands up if you’ve been loving the weather while simultaneously been struggling to keep your make-up on your face?! My skin has been producing more oil than usual during the day but feeling rather parched at night. A conundrum!

I’ve focused on curing the dehydration, and so far, here are the products that have really made a difference.

First up is Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Night Spa Anti-Fatigue Cream-Gel. The gel consistency is gorgeous and really refreshing. Like most Vichy products, it does what it says. I apply this after cleansing, and wake up with a softer, happier skin and no oily residue. This one costs €27 in pharmacies nationwide.


I recently used up my last drop of Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil, my delight was therefore palpable when at the brilliant Frillseeker launch (www.frillseeker.ie) I found a bottle of Trilogy’s latest offering, Rosehip Oil and Antioxidant. I’ve used it twice and loved it, glowy healthy-looking skin and even suits us combo-oily gals. €32.95 in Health shops and some pharmacies.


To round off our night-time niceties, here’s Neal’s Yard‘s offering. The Beauty Sleep Concentrate is 90 % organic and smells 100% lovely and relaxing. I use 2-3 pumps and find my skin is easier to manage the next day, pores even appear less visible! Great stuff altogether. It ain’t cheap though at €41.20 for 30 mls. It’s available through private sellers, do a bit of Googling and you should find one :-)



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