Behold the new brogue.

Remember the beauteous Bertie peachy brogues I bought at the start of the summer? I’ve worn them until they’re practically falling to bits. I still love them too, which is why I cannot bear to part with them just yet. You see these brogues changed my perspective on all things shoe-related; for a while I thought you’d have to be uber-cool and/or leggy to get away with brogues, neither of which I am, or ever will be.

I’ve tried on lots of pairs since, and was particularly enamored with the pairs in Clarks. Yep, you read that right, I liked the shoes in Clarks, and I’m not ashamed of it. I was between a lovely deep maroon pair, or a leopard and black patent pair, that was until I saw that the leopard pair went to half-price and the maroon ones didn’t. The retail Gods were clearly making the decision for me. So they’ve just joined the ranks of my leopard army!


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