Something old, and something new.

Powder is one of those products that I think can be underestimated by us beauty hoarders. This one, Make Up Forever’s HD Powder is one that has been languishing in a bag for ages, and not getting much love. It’s only when I picked up the Real Techniques Powder brush that I realised the error […]

Own the Night

Hands up if you’ve been loving the weather while simultaneously been struggling to keep your make-up on your face?! My skin has been producing more oil than usual during the day but feeling rather parched at night. A conundrum! I’ve focused on curing the dehydration, and so far, here are the products that have really […]

Weapons of Mass.. err… cleansing.

I take cleansing pretty seriously. If you wear make-up everyday like me, then I think you should too. With all the products I throw at my face almost everyday, an effective yet gentle cleanser is all important in your beauty arsenal. Off the top of my head, I’ve tried foaming cleansers, oil cleansing, balm cleansers, […]

On YSL Rouge Volupte Shine… and why you need at least one!

Lipstick, a product I love and loathe equally. I adore a good bright opaque look, but I generally hate the feeling. My lips flake, peel and generally kick up stink. I wear them nonetheless, far be it from me to start a lipstick revolution. Then comes YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine collection, and I am utterly […]