Behold the new brogue.

Remember the beauteous Bertie peachy brogues I bought at the start of the summer? I’ve worn them until they’re practically falling to bits. I still love them too, which is why I cannot bear to part with them just yet. You see these brogues changed my perspective on all things shoe-related; for a while I […]

Stateside Shopping: Neon Nikes

Part deux of my transatlantic shopping are these neon Nike Freeruns. A week in Manhattan showed me that you ain’t nobody without a pair in the most garish colours possible. I bought these in Jersey Gardens, an outlet that is probably bigger than county Louth! They were $50(ish) and so far, so good. They’re the […]

In praise of the perfect shoes.

It would appear from my last few blogposts, that I’m a shoe fanatic. While I don’t deny this, I will say that I had been looking for the perfect daywear shoes that would look chic and go with lots of my clothes… Enter Bertie’s beauties. They’re the most feminine peachy nude, which I think juxtaposes […]

Leopard loafers and much more…

You see the thing is, I don’t need any more shoes. I did, however, need a pair of flat everyday shoes to wear with jeans etc.  For this purpose, I bought these lovely leopard loafers from Dune. I’ve worn them lots so I’m not regretting that purchase at all. But then I went and bought […]