Famous Friday Five: Gimme Gimme Gimme

This week’s Famous Friday Five is based on my current wishlist. Many items are added and then removed according to trends and what’s catching my eye at the time. Here are a few that have stayed steady on the list for quite some time, so I obviously need them all, right?

A gorgeous pair of printed pants. I know they’ll probably fall out of fashion favour quicker than you can say Olivia Palermo’s favourites but I just find myself drawn to them everytime I look in a shop.

I’d love a nice fifties style yellow dress that I could juxtapose with some reddy orange nails. Yes please.

Gold stacked rings, is there anything prettier? I just love them. I’d like a little stone in there somewhere too.

Kate Middleton appears to be permanently stuck in her’s but nude shoes would look amazing with my printed pants wouldn’t they? I really like the peachy tone to the ones below.

I’m after a way to achieve the look below, all perfect skin and a natural fawny golden look around the eyes. So damn chic.


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